Ciarán Byrne is an experienced graphic designer and sound designer.

He leads the sound engineering and graphic elements of Blivet's upcoming web documentary on comic book culture, CO/MIX.

Best Known For: His music as Adeyhawke and Happiness Cage.

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Matt Ashe is a Fine Art graduate from IADT, experienced in video exhibitions, visual effects and 3D animation.

He leads the video production for CO/MIX, and acts as director during interview and convention shoots.

Best Known For: Incredibly detailed artwork.

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Darragh O'Riordan is a Marketing graduate from DIT.

He is currently a web developer for CO/MIX, and heads the marketing for Blivet.

Best Known For: A heavy interest in gaming, and studies in marketing.

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Paul Carroll is a graduate of English, Religion and Education from Mater Dei Institute of Education.

He is currently the Project Manager of Blivet's upcoming web documentary on comic book culture, CO/MIX, while working as a web developer within the group.

Best Known For: An eclectic collection of pop culture t-shirts, and studies in writing and comic books.

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