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About Convergence

With the rise of Internet culture and the volume of comic book adaptations hitting the big screen, the effects on comic book culture are an eventuality. With social media and new technologies allowing content to spread more widely, artists and fans experience comic book culture in new ways, positive and negative.

Paddy Lynch

Paddy is an illustrator and sequential artist based in Dublin. He hosts the Dublin Comic Jam, and co­founded the Comic Labs. He illustrated ‘Big Jim’ (The O’Brien Press) and is co­owner of The Cardboard Press.

Arcade Con

After five years in the convention scene, Arcade Con is taking a hiatus following the 2015 event. Combining a love of video games with traditional convention elements, role-playing games, and an evening ball, it’s the annual Con to remember.

Emma Byrne

Emma is a graphic designer and illustrator working within The O’Brien Press as Design Manager and Art Director. She designs the covers for the company’s books, and works with the writers and artists of the company’s graphic novels.

About Connection

Comic book relationships are a thing of wonder, especially in the increasingly complicated universe produced by Marvel Comics and DC, but just how much do these romantic notions compare with the reality of the readers’ lives? A look into the lives of three couples on the convention scene reveals how deep a connection can be made, and how much that connection plays a toll on the lives of those involved.

Paul Raven & Mary­Louise Higgins

Paul and Mary­Louise are a cosplay couple, attending conventions as the Joker and Harley, and as Daredevil and Elektra.

Stephen Lynch & Tina Branigan

Stephen, AKA Widdle Wade, is a voice­actor by trade, as well as costume and prop­maker. A regular to the convention scene in Ireland, he is also a member of the Emerald Garrison. Tina, AKA Cyanide Kisses, is an alternative model and cosplayer, and coordinator of volunteers at Dublin Comic Con.

Ryan Wade & Danielle Smyth

Ryan and Danielle met as Belfast Batman and Carrick Batman, with multiple cosplays to their names. The couple work the streets of Belfast as real­life superheroes, helping the poor and the homeless. Cosplay led to their engagement.

About Community

From the outside, the comic book community looks like one big, happy family. A closer look reveals the relationships between the various sub­communities in Ireland, the nature of the people involved in bringing together the comic book community as a whole, and explores the notion of just how different the Irish comic book scene is to its American counterparts. From drink­and­draws at a local pub, to large­scale conventions across the country, to a small port village in Cork, the community in Ireland is spread far and wide.

Will Sliney

Will Sliney is a Cork based artist currently working on Marvel Comics’ ‘Spider­Man 2099’ with Peter David. He has previously worked on ‘Fearless Defenders’ (Marvel) and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ (Egmont/Titan). He published his debut graphic novel, ‘Celtic Warrior’, with The O’Brien Press in 2013.


Operating for over 20 years, Q-Con is one of Ireland’s oldest conventions, held in the grounds of Queen’s University in Belfast. In 2015, it took over 5 buildings, across several floors, bringing together screenings, cosplay competitions, a trading hall, a gaming room, and a city.

Anthea West

Anthea is a sequential artist and cartoonist from Dublin. Her debut graphic novel, ‘The Earthbound God’, was published in 2013. She is currently producing ‘Fate’.

About Commerce

It’s all fun and games until there’s money to be made. The business of comic books takes some probing to fully understand, and a summer’s worth of conventions to understand. From the point of view of independent artists, small publishers, and one of Ireland’s leading mainstream book publishers, the business of comic books is full of competition, statistical awareness, and the need to fit into the plans of Ireland’s retailers.

Tríona ‘Tree’ Farrell

Tree is a sequential artist and freelance illustrator from Dublin. She is a former member of the Superhero Help Desk, and has produced two comic books; ‘Swords & Sisters’, and ‘Azure Capricorn’.

Dublin Comic Con

Established in 2013, Dublin Comic Con quickly became one of Ireland’s largest conventions. Taking over three floors at the Convention Centre in 2015, and appealing to enthusiastic convention-regulars and families alike, it’s the made for the fans by the fans.

Eoin McAuley

Eoin is the owner and publisher of Lightning Strike Comic Books, one of Ireland’s leading independent publishers. Based in Dublin, they produce an anthology comic book, ‘Lightning Strike Presents’, among a growing range of titles, including ‘Afterworld’ and ‘The Life and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ (with Dublin Comic Con).

About CO/MIX

Art. Technology. Conventions. Fans. Business. Comic book culture in Ireland is as complex as it is seemingly hidden from the public eye between conventions and big­budget movie releases. Taking a look at the convention scene across various niche areas, and around the country, and interviewing a cross­section of Ireland’s artists, publishers, cosplayers and event organisers, CO/MIX explores the world of Ireland’s comic book culture, as an expression of fandom, as an industry, and as a community.


The group wishes to thank their families, friends and loved ones for their support and patience throughout the duration of this project, for all the late nights spent editing, and all the weekends spent shooting. The group would like to thank the panel - Karl Grimes, Miriam Judge, Declan Tuite, Liz Greene, and William Tuke - for their advice and encouragement, which drove us to push ourselves as much as possible across every step of the production. A special thank you to our classmates for the regular boosts in morale, particularly in the final few weeks of production. We are fortunate to have such an incredibly supportive and close-knit peer group with whom we could learn this past year. CO/MIX would not have been possible without the participation of our interviewees: Stephen Lynch, Tina Branigan, Emma Byrne, Anthea West, Tríona Farrell, Will Sliney, Paddy Lynch, Eoin McAuley, Robert Glick, Ryan Wade, and Danielle Smyth. We could also like to express our thanks to Paul Raven and Mary-Louise Higgins, for allowing us to share in their special day, and to all the cosplayers, artists and traders who agreed to be filmed at conventions. In particular, a thanks to Aaron Keenan for his unbridled enthusiasm, and to Niall Cavanagh and Nathan Donnell of NN Comics for their encouragement in the early stages of production. Thank you to the staff, volunteers, and attendees of the conventions and events we attended throughout the production: Anime Dublin, Ireland Cosplay Con, Q-Con, Arcade Con, Dublin Comic Con, the mini-con, the Comic Labs, and the Dublin Comic Jam. Your interest in the project, support for the group, and love of comic book culture helped us persevere on the long days and nights that CO/MIX demanded. A final thank you to the Stag’s Head and to the Old Bar, for allowing the group to film when other locations were not possible.

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